Even better: Cal to play UCLA on Sunday

Apparently it is Arizona State’s turn to cancel a game due to COVID-19. UCLA also is without its scheduled opponent, Utah, which had to cancel. There is hope that each school will be able to fill in the opening with a game against each other on Sunday. Because of the shortened season, Cal was not scheduled to play either USC or UCLA, which had not happened since 1933. The interstate rivalries between Cal, Stanford, USC and UCLA really matter to the fans of these schools, and many travel to Northern or Southern California, as the case may be, to see the scheduled away game between the northern and southern rivals. So, getting to play at least one of the two Southern California schools is an improvement as far as I’m concerned.

Cal To Play UCLA At Rose Bowl

Puzzling proverbs

My daily Bible reading plan currently is taking me through the book of Proverbs. This may sound odd, but some of my favorite proverbs are those that, at least on first reading, I don’t understand. I believe God’s Spirit led Solomon to include such proverbs to make us stop and think. To ask ourselves, “What does this mean?” and “What wisdom am I to learn from this?” It is so easy for me, when reading Proverbs, to go from one proverb to another, and when the meaning is fairly straightforward, to simply acknowledge each truth and to assume I know how it applies to my life. But when a proverb makes no sense to me, it forces me to think, “This made sense to Solomon, and moreover, the Holy Spirit led him to include it for our edification. Don’t pass over this, try to get an idea of what it means.”

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